Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
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Our Journey

Efito Solutions has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2016. Lots of achievements & enoyable moments are carried out along the way!

Efito Dayout 2021

March 2021

Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd had organized their DayOut with all teams in 2021 at Purple Suns & Resorts.

Employee Appreciation Day

March 2021

It's time to appreciate all the hard work of our Employees at Efito throught the time. Sucess of Efito rely on all the hard work done by team mates. Cheers!

Best Sinhala Website

November 2020

Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is awarded with Best Sinahala Website & Best Advertising & Marketing Website of the year 2020 for for developing mindada.lk at Best Web 2020 award ceremony.

Best Web Developer

November 2020

Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is awarded with Best Developer merit award at Best Web 2020 award ceremony.

BBQ night with team

September 2020

Chill out! Have some fun with mates after busy shedules of work.

Annual Trip to RIU Hotels

July 2020

Efito Team choose RIU Hotels Sri Lanka for their annual trip 2020.

Team Outing

August 2020

Need a break? It's time for an outing.

Dinith's, Manish's B'Day Celebration

June 2020

Our Software Engineers Dinith & Manish celebrates their birthday.

Ruwan's B'Day Celebration

July 2020

Our tech lead Ruwan celebrates their Birthday.

Arosha's B'Day Celebration

February 2020

Our Software Engineer Arosha celebrates their Birthday.

Halo Tournament 2020

January 2020

It's game time! Halo tournament organized by Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd at their new office premises.

Efito New Office Premises

December 2019

Efito established their new office premesies at 6th Floor, River Side, DMN Super Building Moratuwa.

Best Sinhala Website 2019

August 2019

Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd won merit award for Best Sinhala Website & Best web developer awards at Best Web 2019 award ceremony.

Trip To Marabedda Gardens Hotel

July 2019

Chill out. Time for the annual trip. This time it's Marabedda gardens hotel.

Day Out Nature Lover's Resorts Waga

March 2019

Time for a break. Day out at Nature Lover's Resorts Waga

Efito Diriya Project

December 2018

Diriya project organized by Efito Solutions (Pvt) Ltd with help of friends.

Trip to MadulKelle Eco Lodge Hotel

November 2018

Efito Solutions Annual Trip to MadulKelleEcoLodge 2018

Trip To Kanneliya

July 2017

Kanneliya trip with Efito team & friends.

Team Outing

March 2017

Time for an outing.

Team Outing

May 2016

Tired of working? Chill Out. It's a team outing!

New Office Premises

April 2016

Newly established office premises.

Early Days at Efito

January 2016

Early working days at Efito.