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Twitter Introduces Audio and Video Calls on Android, Reserved for Premium Users

by Gayashani Bandara, QA Engineer

In a significant stride towards enriching the Twitter experience, the social media giant has rolled out audio and video calls for Android users. However, there's a catch—this feature is exclusively available for Premium subscribers. In this blog post, we explore the implications of Twitter's move, examining the potential benefits for Premium users and the broader landscape of social media communication.

The Evolution of Social Media Communication:

Twitter, known for its brevity and real-time updates, is venturing into the realm of richer communication with the introduction of audio and video calls. This move aligns with the broader trend in social media platforms seeking to provide a more immersive and dynamic user experience.

Key Features of Twitter's Audio and Video Calls:

    • Real-Time Conversations: The addition of audio and video calls enables users to engage in real-time conversations within the Twitter app, fostering more immediate and personal interactions.
    • Direct Integration: Unlike third-party apps or services, Twitter's in-app audio and video calls provide a seamless experience, allowing users to transition from text-based conversations to richer forms of communication without leaving the platform.
    • Premium Subscription Model: The decision to reserve this feature for Premium subscribers introduces a new dimension to Twitter's monetization strategy. Premium users will have exclusive access to a feature that enhances their communication capabilities on the platform.

Implications for Premium Users:

    • Enhanced Engagement: Premium subscribers can now enjoy a more versatile means of engaging with their followers, whether it's through live audio discussions or video updates. This offers an added layer of personalization to their Twitter presence.
    • Monetization Potential: The introduction of premium features suggests a shift towards monetizing certain aspects of the Twitter experience. Premium users, in addition to exclusive features, may also benefit from an ad-free environment or other perks.
    • Influence and Branding: For influencers, businesses, and personal brands, the ability to conduct audio and video calls directly on the platform enhances their influence. It provides a new channel for connecting with followers and reinforces their branding efforts.

User Response and Potential Challenges:

    • User Adoption: The success of this feature will hinge on user adoption and the perceived value it brings to the Premium subscription. Twitter will be keenly observing how users incorporate audio and video calls into their communication habits.
    • Privacy Considerations: With the introduction of richer communication features, privacy considerations become paramount. Twitter must navigate the balance between enabling meaningful connections and ensuring user privacy and security.
    • Competitive Landscape: The move to offer exclusive features for Premium users positions Twitter in a competitive landscape where other social media platforms are also evolving their communication offerings. The platform must continually innovate to retain and attract users.

Looking Ahead:

Twitter's introduction of audio and video calls for Premium users represents a strategic move to diversify its offerings and enhance user engagement. As the social media landscape evolves, these features may play a crucial role in shaping how users, particularly influencers and businesses, connect with their audiences.


Twitter's foray into audio and video calls marks a significant step towards enriching the user experience, particularly for Premium subscribers. The evolution of social media platforms towards more immersive and interactive communication reflects the changing preferences of users in the digital age. As Twitter continues to innovate, the integration of audio and video calls may become a pivotal aspect of how individuals and brands engage with their audience on this dynamic platform.

Published : 01/22/2024