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The Main Challenges In Using Chat GPT

by Gayashani Bandara, QA Engineer

Chat GPT is extremely powerful in churning out essays, solving math problems, and helping students do their homework without any mental effort. This posed a risk to the student’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. Many schools and universities have reportedly banned the use of Chat GPT.

There are some potential risks associated with using ChatGPT. It could hinder students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. Students and educators need to be aware of the potential risks of using ChatGPT and to ensure that its use is closely monitored and regulated.

The data available on ChatGPT is limited to the year 2021. The training of the model stopped in the year 2021. Hence, it does not provide the readers latest information or the latest updates.

This information shows the current capabilities of ChatGPT and the limitations it has. It can help users make an informed decision on whether to use the chatbot or not. It can also help developers and researchers understand the current state of the technology and plan future improvements.

ChatGPT cannot access the internet or external links. It can only provide information and answer questions based on the text it was trained on.

This statistic highlights the limitations of Chat GPT and its inability to access external sources of information. This means that Chat GPT cannot access any external sources that may provide additional information. This is important to keep in mind when relying on ChatGPT for answers and information.

Chat GPT has already been used to create an info stealer, an encryption tool, and for dark web malware scripts.

It demonstrates the versatility of ChatGPT and its potential to be used for malicious purposes. ChatGPT can be used to create complex and potentially dangerous tools, and its capabilities should not be underestimated. It also highlights the need for security measures to be taken to protect against malicious applications created with ChatGPT.


Published : 03/14/2023